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The dispensation of the article 416

Article 416 of the Criminal Procedure Law (hereinafter, LECrim) establishes an exception to the obligation to testify that all witnesses have, known as “dispensation of the right to testify”. This article establishes, in summary, that ascendants, descendants, spouses, or those…

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Electric scooters in the light of criminal law

The Ruling of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court number 635/2022, of 23 June confirms what has already been established by the Ruling of the Plenary of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court of 10 February 2022, and…

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Avoiding the imprisonment for non-payment of debt

The past 7th of march of 2022 the Second Chamber of the Spanish Constitutional Court granted the appeal lodged by a person who was sentenced to 6 months of prison after the suspension of the penalty’s execution was revoked by…

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